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The Annual License offers a yearly subscription for use of all Releases and Technical Support through Highcharts Advantage. Upon expiration, your permission to use, or distribute the Software expires (including all Releases).

The Perpetual License offers current Releases of the library for a one-time fee. All new releases and Technical Support are included for the duration of your subscription term.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A developer shall mean any person who will be simultaneously working with the API and/or source code of our software in any capacity.

The right license depends on your use case.

The Annual license is generally recommended for Internal and/or SaaS projects with six (6) or less developers. The Annual license works as a subscription and will give you access to our best-in-class support and all new Releases until the subscription is cancelled.

If you're working on a larger project with more than six (6) developers, it's recommended to speak to our Sales team to determine the most suitable license type for your needs.

The Internal License includes the right to use Highcharts on any Internal Applications and private websites (including subdomains and intranet sites), and any public websites for generation of static content hosted on servers owned or controlled by the Licensee. The condition that the right to use the Licensed Software under an Internal License is limited to generation of static content only, means that the data set in the content provided by Licensee on websites must be the same (identical) for all users, and that such websites shall not generate individually tailored content adapted to any user's personal data.

An Internal License authorizes the Licensee to use the Licensed Software for internal purposes only and extends to Licensee's employees and contractors, but not to its clients or other Third Parties.

The SaaS license builds on the Internal license and includes the right to use Highcharts in 1 SaaS or Web Application in addition to everything included in the Internal License.

The main difference between the Perpetual and the Annual license is that the Perpetual license allows usage of the Software in perpetuity, while the Annual license is completely subscription-based, which means that you must cease usage of the software including all Releases upon ended subscription.

In parallel with both license types, you are enrolled in the Highcharts Advantage plan by default when purchasing a license.

Annual license: Highcharts Advantage is included with the license subscription.

Perpetual license: Highcharts Advantage is included for the first year and renewed yearly until cancellation. Upon cancellation, you may not use new Releases of the software after ended Advantage Period.

We have tailored the SaaS license for those who need Highcharts for one SaaS- or Web application. If your need includes having Highcharts in more than one SaaS or Web application, the SaaS+ license covers up to five applications, or a combination for a bundle discount.

Both licenses include the right to include Highcharts in internal projects, as specified in the Internal license.

You need an OEM license when you want to use the Highcharts software in a product that will be further distributed to - and hosted by - your customers. The OEM License is our most flexible license which can be customized to your needs.

Our OEM license always includes:

  • An agreed number of named Licensee Products, i.e. your products that will be leveraging Highcharts through an OEM license;

  • An agreed number of developer seats who can leverage Highcharts to develop the Licensee Product, and;

  • An agreed number of customer installations to distribute the Licensee Product to your customers

The OEM License can be further customized to include:

  • Usage rights for internal products and websites

  • Distribution rights for an agreed number of SaaS or Web applications

  • Developer rights for your customer(s) giving them access to edit the Highcharts code within your product

  • Right to extend usage to your affiliates to leverage Highcharts for the agreed license scope

Contact our sales team for a quote.

The Internal, SaaS and SaaS+ licenses are offered with up to six developer seats directly from our webshop. These licenses can be customized to include any number of developer seats needed for your team, and the SaaS+ can be customized to include more SaaS or Web Applications. Please contact our sales team at [email protected] for pricing options.

You can add Highcharts Dashboards as an additional product to any license type (Internal, SaaS, SaaS+, OEM) and purchase it for perpetual use under the Perpetual license, or as an annual subscription under the Annual license.

The Developer License has been renamed to "SaaS License" with the release of our current license model. The license grants have remained the same. In order to renew your Highcharts Advantage, please contact our sales team [email protected] and refer to your License ID.

Yes, you can add Highcharts Dashboards to your current license. Contact our sales team for a quote. Please include your license ID and the number of developer seats you will need.

Remember, Highcharts Dashboards has its own developer seat count, separate from your existing Highcharts license, so you can have more or fewer seats depending on your needs.

Our main goal with Highcharts Dashboards is to make it possible for developers to configure, deploy and maintain fully-functioning dashboards with minimal effort. Thanks to Highcharts Dashboards’ edit mode feature, any dashboard user can edit and update dashboard layouts and components right in the browser, without touching the underlying code. Since Highcharts Dashboards can be maintained without accessing the API/source code, we do not count dashboard users who edit dashboard layouts and components via edit mode as developers. Therefore, we realize you may not need as many developer seats for Highcharts Dashboards as you would for one of our other libraries. For example, you may need three developer seats for Highcharts Stock, but need only one for Highcharts Dashboards. It was important to us to offer you that flexibility in our licensing terms.

A Customer Installation is a distribution of your product to be hosted on your end-user premises. A Customer Installation does not grant end-user developer rights to our library. If this is needed, please let us know. The number of installations will not expire nor recur annually, however it is possible to include additional customer installations to your existing  license, please contact us.

Yes! We have designed the Annual License for Highcharts users with limited usage and/or budgets. The Annual License allows you to subscribe to the applicable Highcharts license for an annual fee. Our annual plans are available for the Internal, SaaS and SaaS+ license.

If you are a startup in need of an OEM license, please get in touch via the OEM form.

As a contractor, you are covered by your client's license and allowed to work with our library on their behalf. Your client needs to be the license owner as the project will be controlled and served from their premises.

If you wish to make changes to our SLA, please contact our sales team for a word version of our custom license agreement at [email protected]. Please note that changes made to our standard license agreement are subject to a custom license fee.

The Terms and Conditions for Subscription to the Annual License are not subject to negotiation.

There is no mandatory license key associated with the software, and no activation is needed. The license is solely a legal document and consists of two parts: A License Statement which includes a reference to the governing terms and conditions. A link to your License Statement and where to download Highcharts is included in the order confirmation email you received after the completion of your purchase.

Perpetual License

Yes, you may upgrade your license at any time to include additional:

  • Developer seats

  • Highcharts libraries

  • On-premise Customer Installations

  • Licensee Products

  • Years of Advantage

  • SaaS applications

  • Web applications

  • Affiliate access

Please refer to your existing license ID when contacting our sales team for a quote.

Please note, subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions, a Perpetual License cannot be downgraded.

Annual License

If you wish to upgrade your license, please contact [email protected], Please note that changes to your license will not be reflected until the end of your subscription term.

Contact us, and we will do our best to locate the license details for you. Please share any information associated with the purchase, i.e, License ID, order number, invoice number, License Statement, date of purchase, Licensee/License Owner name, associated email addresses, case number, etc.

Licensee/License Owner means the legal entity which will own the license, i.e., company name.

No, the license does not include the right for affiliates to utilize Highcharts. Such rights can be extended to company affiliates for an additional fee. For more information, please get in touch with our Sales Team.

Your License ID is stated on the License Statement. The License Statement is sent to the registered email address following your purchase. Please use your License ID to identify your license when contacting us for sales or tech support.