Government Pricing

See specific guidelines for the USA and Norway.

Highsoft offers exclusive pricing to any governmental agency. Our Master Distributor is conducting all sales and price offerings to government customers, and discounted pricing is solely offered through them. Purchase is available directly from a Highsoft distributor or through your local reseller.

All licenses and renewals will be based on our current license model, governed by the prevailing EULA and discounted 10%:

License types with list pricing are available here.

For quotation and pricing, please contact our Master Distributor:

ComponentSource[email protected]


The Highcharts software is listed on the GSA Schedule and all quoting and sales are administered by our authorized distributor partner ComponentSource.

ComponentSource offers special pricing to the U.S. Federal Government under the GSA schedule. Their Contract number is GS-35F-0188R. The Highcharts pricing starts at page 36.

All licenses and renewals purchased through the GSA Schedule will be governed by the Custom License Agreement based on Highsoft's Standard License Agreement 12.1. Pertaining to United States Government agencies' purchases of Highsoft Software through the General Service Administration platform (“GSA”).

For pricing and purchasing please contact ComponentSource at [email protected] or (888) 850-9966. (Outside the US, call +1 (770) 250-6100).


Highsoft is a Norwegian registered company and is obligated to charge 25% VAT from Norwegian customers. Governmental agencies are highly recommended to purchase their Highcharts License directly from Highsoft or through the listed reseller below: